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 notre vocabulaire cheville


1) Take a triangle, with the textured side facing you.

2) Fold towards you the sidebands into a 90° angle.

montagetriangle fig1

3) Insert the wooden clip one by one into the holes up to the groove until it clicks.
montagetriangle fig2

montagetriangle fig3

4) Repeat the same process with a second triangle and so on.

    Well inserted, the clip turns on itself.


Use the top of a table or any flat surface and follow the example below.

ejection chevillefleche



1) Take the socket and the triangle with the large hole.
douilletriangle 1
2) Unscrew the ring from the socket (a).

douilletriangle 2






3) Insert the socket into the large hole.

douilletriangle 3

4) Screw the ring into the socket.

douilletriangle 4

5) Screw the bulb into the socket.

Recommended light bulb E27 : 13.5W LED or MAX.20W FLUOCOMPACTE

douille ampoule important


douilletriangle 5